Helping Families Navigate The Probate Process For Decades

In Louisiana, a succession, commonly known as probate, is the legal process of settling the affairs of a person after he or she passes away. These affairs often relate to property and finances, but they also pertain to family relationships, marriage and other very personal, emotional matters.

At the Shreveport firm of Wilkinson, Carmody & Gilliam, founded in 1895, we have been trusted by families for 120 years. Our attorneys represent and advise surviving spouses and family members of decedents whose estates pass through probate court. Our vast experience in probate ranges from advising families regarding simple wills to contested matters, out-of-state succession and ancillary succession involving people who owned property in Louisiana, but passed away in another state.

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At Wilkinson, Carmody & Gilliam, we recognize that most families simply want to get the probate done as soon as possible, without any added stress. We help clients answer questions like:

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